A "promenade" through living


Unique environments, designed with fluidity and functionality in mind. Living becomes a journey that takes us through well-defined spaces scattered with finishes using refined and precious materials. Comfort, sophistication and a sense of the unexpected characterise this complex project.

The Project

An articulated plan that is to become functional and fluid. The need to make spaces unique, with a decisive yet minimalist character. The task entrusted to us by the client for this refurbishment project has tested our ability to synthesise a clear concept of design, harmonising the living space and making it 100% functional.

Our design

The project we take care of is configured as a careful synthesis between elegant simplicity and controlled complexity. Crossing the threshold you suddenly find yourself transported to an unexpected dimension: the spacious and spectacular space of the living room that envelops us with its energy and personality. The apartment is designed to suggest a new interpretation of the concept of "domestic spaces", which here are configured as actual journeys, meeting places and a fusion of two polarities: the physical and architectural components of the environment and the emotional dynamic of daily living.

The details

No space in the apartment is without the two main features of the whole project: minimalist design but with a strong personality. The use of quality materials such as marble in two contrasting shades accompany the guest in the discovery of original architectural geometries, which are also reflected in custom furniture and accessories.

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