SPA in the hills


The residences of Borgo dei Gabbiani are ideal homes where you can enjoy some time away from hectic day-to-day life and the chaos of the rat race. Real relaxation is to be experienced both inside and out, to enjoy the tranquility and peace that only a natural landscape, nestled in the hills, can bring you.

The Project

Exclusive residences in a dream location deserve a relaxation area dedicated to its guests. Precisely for this reason, the client requested the intervention of YHOM for the development and implementation of a project that saw the creation of a private SPA and the swimming pool area.

Our Design

To meet the requests of the client, YHOM has developed a complete project that involved the relaxation areas. The residences of Borgo dei Gabbiani were thus equipped with an indoor spa, equipped with mini-pool with whirlpool, sauna, turkish bath, sensory shower, gym, relaxation area and green area adjacent to the spa: spaces dedicated to well-being for body and mind.

The details

The premises features an exclusive panoramic swimming pool where you can bathe even towards evening, when it is cooler, as the pool is heated by geothermal probes: once again by respecting our connection with nature we can enjoy great benefits. Thanks to a rational use of geothermal energy, the operating costs are negligible.

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