Tre piani nel bosco


A charming house built on the hills of Bergamo, surrounded by nature. A modern style, with perfect geometric lines, which amalgamates and finds its balance with the lush strength of the surrounding forest thanks to the use of natural materials.

The Project

The desire of the clients was to create an oasis in the hills of Bergamo, in which to escape from daily life. The location, surrounded by greenery and located in a panoramic area, lent itself perfectly to a minimalist, contemporary, direct style. A choice in contrast with the naturalness of the surrounding environment, which nevertheless creates an unprecedented, unexpected and surprising balance.

Our Design

Stone and wood to give warmth and intimacy to the furnishings, large windows to enjoy the panoramic view of the landscape that surrounds the building and which fills the spaces with light. The black and white of the accessories give the whole setting an elegant and refined style. This house is characterised by a network of sheer lines and texture characteristic of fresh new spaces.

The Details

Mirrors, glass and light effects In this project with a modern cut, it was decided to bring out the essence of the environments. The contrasting colours intersect creating decorative patterns and giving character to the rooms without being too heavy. The concept that brings together every detail? A minimal and linear style that is anything but conventional.

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