Pietre nel cielo


Pietre nel Cielo lies in the district of Aprica: the amazing and breathtaking location is located near famous tourist resorts such as St. Moriz, Livigno and Ponte di Legno.

The Project

The client asked YHOM to develop a well-defined project: to create a living unit where the unique atmosphere outside could be breathed into each room. The use of natural materials and the attention to the energy aspect have defined the design that characterises this home.

Our Design

Living in our homes means living well, in everyday comfort: an oasis of well-being for oneself and for one's family. We chose to use wood and take advantage of its natural qualities, such as lightness, elasticity and insulation to guarantee homes with an innovative taste and an ideal climate, with reduced energy costs. Constant air exchange with closed windows, lighting control, floor and wall heating: all elements that make this home outstanding.

The details

Research carried out on wooden houses has shown the extraordinary ability of the material to absorb the excess moisture present and release it when the air becomes dry, thus performing a balancing function that guarantees an optimal and healthy environment in which to live.

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