Pontresina Manor


A complete renovation that has given life back to an old residence located in the heart of the historic centre of Pontresina. Large surfaces, vintage elements to be preserved by mixing them with contemporary features. A complex project, both on a structural and design level, aimed to preserve the style of the house with its clear rustic feel, enhancing it with a sense of class.

The Project

Before the opening of the works, the client had one great dream: to refurbish the spacious areas of the old house, finding the right balance between the historical past, functionality and luxury. The idea of optimising large volumes without in any way altering the ancient charm, protected its links with heritage, dictated the guidelines for the meticulous intervention that led to the conservative restoration of the residence.

Our design

The design choice was to preserve the original elements and atmosphere, enhancing its uniqueness and value. For this reason, the materials used in the renovation were stone, iron (with which stairs were made and the lift shaft) and reclaimed wood. The original wood of the flooring was taken away, treated and repositioned; the perimeter walls were preserved as they were originally. Custom-made furnishings also reflect this concept; minimalist and functional, they helped create a set of comfortable and highly usable spaces that are at the same time scenographic and striking. Large spaces, breathtaking views of the outdoor areas and the Private Spa built in the old cellars, crown the uniqueness of this home.

The details

Our restoration of the "smoky" room was particularly interesting, where the old bread oven (which produced bread for the whole country) was completely renovated. The walls that were blackened by the smoke for the drying of the cured meats remained intact as well as the stone parts of the flooring, the fireplace and the under-window sink.

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